Teodora pop


     Teodora Pop was born in 1985 in Cluj-Napoca. She currently lives and works in Timisoara. In 2008 she graduated with a BA from Babes-Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca, specializing in Conservation and Restauration of objects of art and Byzantine Icon Painting. In 2016, she graduated with a Master’s Degree from the Art and Design University in Cluj-Napoca, majoring in Painting, and presently she finishing her PH-D program in Visual Arts, at the same university. She attended workshops and participated to group and personal exhibitions, both nationally and internationally. From 2008 she is a member of the Romanian Artist Union (UAPR) and in 2019 she initiated Art-Hoc, an art hub for contemporary artistic projects, in Timisoara.

Workshops and Art Festivals:

08.11.2018 – 11.11.2018  artFEST100 at artFEST  in Alba-Iulia, Romania

10.08.2018 – 31.10.2018  Skicc in Kiszapostag, Hungary

31.07.2017 – 15.08.2017  Skicc in Kiszapostag, Hungary
21.07.2017 – 30.07.2017  Skicc in Gardony-Arand,  Hungary
9.11.2015 – 15.11.2015    Skicc in Dunaujvaros, Hungary
24.07.2015 – 09.08.2015  Skicc in Dunaujvaros, Hungary
07. 2014                                Skicc in Dunaujvaros, Hungary


01.03.2021 ”Artiști români pe simeze internaționale” 2nd edition at Eka Moor Gallery, Madrid (ES)

27.02.2021 ”Salonul Național de Plastică Mică Brăila” 22nd edition at Brăila Art Gallery (RO)

30.11.2020 International Visual Art Exhibition “Dialog cu Sacrul” 10th edition, Iasi (RO)

26.11.2020 Bienala International de Miniatura din Timisoara at the Art University in Timisoara (RO)

29.10.2020 ’’be***pArt’’ at Atelier Montez in Rome, (IT)

16.10.2020 “18+” at Cluj Art gallery in Cluj-Napoca (RO)

16.10.2020 Skicc at Kelenvolgyi Kozossegy Haz in Budapest (HU)

22.09.2020 “Perspective Cromatice”, organized by ArtisanArt at Centrul Multifunctional Bastion, Timisoara (RO)

19.09.2020 “reSolutii”, organized by AIA at the Steet Delivery Timisoara Festival at  Comenduirea Garnizoanei in Timisoara (RO)

12.12.2019 “Decembrie – Ieri, Azi, Maine” organized by ArtisanArt at Select Bistro Café in Timisoara (RO)

05.10.2019 ’’Regăsirea Feminității’’, organized by NaviMed at Hotel NH in Timisoara(RO)

19.04.2019 ’’Open Studio’’ with the Art Studio artist’s group in their private studio in Cluj-Napoca (RO)

17.12.2018 Skicc at Klub Hotel in Dunaujvaros (HU)

06.12.2018 ‘’Salonul Annual de Arta’’ at the National Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca, organized by UAP Cluj-Napoca branch (RO)

12.11.2018 ’’mix ART’’ at Orizont Galery in Bucharest, the second event of the SNAC  (National Salon of Contemporany Art) organized by UAP (RO)

11.11.2018  Charity Group Exhibition ‘’artFEST100’’ at artFEST in Alba- Iulia (RO)

29.10.2018 Skicc at the Simontornya Castle in Simontornya (HU)

10.08.2018  Skicc at the City Hall in Kisapostag (HU)

28.05.2018 WAW Part4: Organic Cathedreal at the Botanical Garden in Cluj-Napoca (RO)

16.02.2018 WAW Part1: StudioSkin at the Casino in Cluj-Napoca (RO)

09.11.2017  Skicc at Klub Hotel in Dunaujvaros (HU)
07.10.2017  Skicc at Klub Hotel in Dunaujvaros (HU)
26.09.2017  Skicc at the City Hall in Kisapostag (HU)
15.09.2017  Skicc at Simontornya Castle in Simontornya (HU)
04.08. 2017 Skicc at the Reformed Church in Kisapostag (HU)
28.07.2017  Skicc at the Rithm Festival in Gardony – Arand (HU)
21.07.2017  Skicc at Evangelic Church in Dunaujvaros (HU)
25.02.2017  Skicc at the Citz Hall in Kisapostag (HU)

15.06.2016  UAD Graduates’ Exhibition at Expo Transilvania in Cluj-Napoca, (RO)
19.05.2016  UAD Group Exhibition at Expo Transilvania in Cluj-Napoca, (RO)
01.03.2016  Skicc at the University of Dunaujvaros (HU)

13.11.2015  Skicc at Kamara Galery, Dunaujvaros (HU)
11.11.2015  Skicc at Klub Hotel Skicc Galery, Dunaujvaros (HU)

08.03.2006 Students exhibition at the Ethnograpic Museum of Transylvania in Cluj-Napoca (RO)
20.12.2005  “Salonul Artei Ardelene” at the National Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca (RO)
15.06.2005  Students exhibition at the National Art Museum in Cluj-Napoca (RO)
09.12.2004  Students exhibition at “Casei Universitarilor” in Cluj-Napoca, (RO)


20.02.2020 “Inferente Emotionale” at Cluj Art gallery in Cluj-Napoca (RO)

03.01.2020 “Liquid Interactions”, at Cartea de Nisip in Timisoara (RO)

31.10.2019 “Moments of creation” at the opening of Art-Hoc in Timisoara (RO)

05.04.2019 ’’Moments of Creation’’ at Dor de Arta in Bucharest

29.03.2018 Bi-Personal Exhibition WAW Part2: Aion-Our Time at “Dor de Arta” Galery in Arad (RO)

01.04.2016 Bi-Personal Exhibition “Dincolo de Prietenie” at Sala Aurie in Cluj-Napoca (RO)


20.07.2020 “Salonul Cluj Art EVOLUTION” oranised by Cluj Art gallery in Cluj-Napoca, for amateur painters

Curator Activities

All the events at Art-Hoc studio were organized or curated by the artist